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Aftonbladet June 2015
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 Madam Figaro Japan 2015


Mama magazine, October, 2014

 SACC Magazine IN NEW YORK No 2 2014

 Mama magazine February 2014


Vanity Fair December 2013






Press December 2013

 Elle mat & vin

My friend Jenny Grimsgård (who also shot the images of the Bag-all bags on this page) sent me this photo from the new issue of Elle Mat & Vin. Love it!!



Vi Föräldrar Dec 2014




This week the swedish bloggers have been so good to me! Thank you each and every one of you!

Sköna hem

Annas Jul


Vanity Fair December Issue 2013

The most amazing thing just happened - Bag-alls Christmas Bags where chosen by Punch Hutton (love the name) to be in Vanity Fair Christmas gift Guide. Here is the cover and the page. Sooo awesome!!!

(I am so glad they matched Nicole Kidman with my bags).


Mama magazine November Issue 2013

Anine Bing chose Bag-alls Travel Collection as one of her favourite things this month! Yeaah!

Family Living

2013 November Issue

My friend Rebecka, Editor in Chief of Family Living chose Bag-all as her favourite thing!


Damernas Värld 

2013 November Issue

My dear friend Pernilla Wahlgren wrote so nicely  about Bag-all on her blog! Thank you!!!

Pick of the day!

Bag-all was pick of the day on



Two nice blog posts these past few days: March 1, 2013

Such a nice posts! Thank you!!


Mama magazine October, 2013 



Svenska Dagbladet, Sunday edition, August 2013


Thank you sooo much awesome Anine Bing!! Who blogged about Bag-all on her blog on

Also check out her extremely cool clothes line on:


Pernilla Wahlgren blogg


Charlotte Perelli blogg


Sköna Hem July issue 2013

We love living, Germany, May 2013



Lonny Magazine, March 2013



Sköna hem 13/2011

Svenska Dagbladet April 2012


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