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Organizing Bags

data-name="Tennis Sneaker Shoe Bag, Pink/Blush">
data-name="Polkadot Lingerie Travel Bag, Navy Print">
data-name="Striped Pajamas Travel Bag, Navy Print">
Sold out
data-name="To Wash Laundry Bag, Navy Print">
data-name="High Heel Sandal Shoe Bag, Navy Print">
data-name="Quilted Handbag Travel Bag, Navy Print">
data-name="Polkadot Lingerie Travel Bag, Cream">
data-name="Lace Lingerie Travel Bag, Cream">
data-name="Triangle Bikini Travel Bag, Cream">
data-name="London Lingerie Travel Bag, Cream">
data-name="Bretagne Swimsuit Travel Bag, Cream">
data-name="Pajamas Zzzz Travel Bag, Cream">
data-name="Striped Pajamas Travel Bag, Cream">
data-name="Boxer Shorts Bag, Cream">
data-name="Sock Short Bag, Cream">
data-name="Where #*@!# Sock Bag, Cream">
data-name="Hair Dryer Travel Bag, Cream">
data-name="Wash Me, Laundry Bag, Cream">
data-name="To Wash Laundry Bag, Black">
data-name="To Wash Laundry Bag, Pink/Blush">
data-name="To Wash Laundry Bag, Cream">
data-name="To Wear Outfit Bag, Cream">
Sold out
data-name="To Wash + To Wear, 2-pack, Pink/Blush">