This pretty girl: Bianca2426294

Is the daughter of this pretty girl: Pernilla Wahlgren


Who is my best friend! Pernilla and I have been friends since we where 11 years old. We got to know each other when we both had parts in the musical Annie. Pernilla played the lead part of Annie and my part was one of the kids in the orphanage. Not surprising Pernilla has continued as a singer and actress her whole life. In later years she has added successful blogger to her repertoar (this was actually due to me as I talked her into blogging on the magazine mamas site when I worked there) and fashion designer and cookbook author and webshop owner where you of course can buy Bag-all’s bags as well.

Pernilla is just the sweetest and best friend you could ever have! I am so lucky to have had a friend like her for well over 30 years! She is inspirational on many levels. Not only is she extremely hard working, but the fact that she has raised four children as a single mom is amazing. And all her kids have come out so great! They are talented, sweet and humble although they have been known themselves since the embryo stage. Bianca is Pernillas only girl.

I am telling you all this to bring you to todays blog post, written by Bianca on HER very successful blog on finest.se This sweet blog post by my friends daughter almost brought me to tears. So thoughtful and loving of her! So – thank you Bianca!!

Here it is, translated to english:

These are perfect travel bags that I use each time I travel! I want to take good care of my handbags so the fabric bag is perfect for me. My lingerie I put int the bag with the lingerie print on, shoes in the shoe bag… your get it right. To keep track of all the cords there is a perfect bag for that as well. The best thing is that you can sort your dirty clothes from your clean clothes in the “Wash me” bag. Your suitcase is instantly organized and you can quickly locate everything.

This is the founder  Jennifer Jansch and her beautiful family <3 

The best thing about having a blog is that you are able to reach many people and share valuable information. It’s the perfect forum to discuss important topics. And something I would like to share are these wonderful gift bags from www.bag-all.com. My moms best friend Jennifer is a very cool woman and a big inspiration to me. She is the mother of three cute daughters and lives with a fantastic husband in New York. She has been a successful stylist in more than 20 years and worked a lot for Mama magazine which you probably know. She is a positiv, energetic, intelligent, kind and very beautiful woman who has a blog which I think you should follow here.

She, like many others, does what she can to live an environmental friendly life. This is why she started the brand Bag-all which strives to reduce garbage by making cool, affordable and useful gift bags/fabric bags. It is a company that believes that all of us can make a big difference by taking small steps. It is a very easy and clever way to be more environmentally friendly. These bags are not only great looking and easy to use but they can be reused hundreds of times opposed to regular gift wrapping paper. And it is a fun idea to pass the bags along to others. Bag-all’s bags are 100% cotton and printed in environmentally friendly colour. Thumbs up for that! 

So let’s start being more environmentally friendly and begin to think “reuse” so we can keep this beautiful Earth of ours – one reusable bag at a time.

Isn’t that just the sweetest blogpost ever? I was so flattered and grateful! Also I am so glad Bianca is helping to bring my message to a younger audience than I normally reach. When you think about it it is really for them we all need to think “reuse” as Bianca points out!



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