A Bag-All Certified Computer Case

A Bag-All Certified Computer Case
A bunch of you have been asking us for a case that can protect your computer from scratches and dents. Well -- it's finally here! But...we may have added a few extra features to make sure you're getting a Bag-all approved computer case:
 Our padded computer cases feature an additional pocket on the outside to keep your charger with you and your laptop at all times, because who likes a dying laptop? The stylish, striped interior has a strap as well as a zipper on both pockets to make sure your computer is secured in place while you're out and about. Bag-All's computer cases currently come in two sizes: large(14.5" x 10.2"/Outside pocket: 7" x 5.5") at $55 and small (13" x 9.4"/Outside pocket: 7" x 5.5") for $49. The small size is recommended for a MacBook Air while the larger can snuggly fit a MacBook Pro. And as usual, we also recommend you get it monogrammed because it looks super cute!

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