Personalized Packing

Personalized Packing
Since our Packing Cubes have come out they've been flying off the shelves! Today, we had a lovely customer come in that wanted her name embroidered on all three of her cubes. You can see how they turned out above -- super chic! They came out so nicely the two other women with her decided to get their packing cubes monogrammed as well.
These stylish cubes come in a set of 3 sizes: small, medium, and large. Put underwear and bras in the small size, blouses in the medium, and pants or shoes in the large. You'll never have to dig through your suitcase looking for your favorite shirt again! Each cube has a mesh fabric lining on the top as well so you can see exactly what's in each one, as well as two zippers to make opening and closing a breeze. We also have Blank Packing Cubes available in case you want to decide what goes on and in them. 
Happy Packing!

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