Linen Meets Luxury

Cotton Packing Cubes Gingham Linen 3-pack

We have shown you how useful our bags can be to organize your closet full of clothes, shoes, and accessories but we also have some ~beautiful~ ideas for your linen closet!

With spring around the corner, and still being stuck at home, and all the coffee we cannot stop drinking (because let’s be honest, caffeine is the key to success … right?). The cleaning bug has bit and we just cannot stop! This week we attacked the ever-dreaded linen closet.

Towels - Cloths - Blankets - Sheets - Pillow Cases
Cotton Packing Cubes Natural 3-pack


Let’s be honest here, keeping the sets together and everything folded perfectly is a task in and of itself, forget actually having to change your sheets and towels out on laundry day! That being said we have decided to come up with a few solutions (our favorite word) to these problems.

The answer? Packing cubes!


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