How to Organize the Mini Things.

Wallet Black Small Organizer - Bag-all



& a few other essentials !

Mini Trinket Pouch Pink - Bag-all

We know it is hard to find the perfect home for every item. Sometimes it feels impossible, especially for those earrings you take off mid-day, the $0.12 you are handed after you purchase your coffee in the morning, or the lipstick you know you will need to re-apply in the next hour. We all accumulate small little necessities throughout the day & we are all faced with the same question…

Where Do I Put It?

Small Zippered Wallet Pink - Bag-all


A zippered wallet is what you need. This small wallet is small enough to fit in any tote, purse or backpack you are using. A zipper is a necessity when it comes to coins. We do not need these coins spilling out and making noise everywhere you go!

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