Large Gift Bag


Grey striped
Blue striped

Wrap your gifts in style! Fabric gift bags can be used hundreds of times and saves the environment from unnecessary garbage created by regular gift wrapping. 
* This bag is hand printed with eco friendly colors on 100% cotton with a grosgrain ribbon.
* Comes with a gift label attached to the ribbon. 
* The bag has a bottom so it can stand.
* Keep them in your family or pass them along to friends
* Fits shoe boxes, clothes, coffee table books, medium sized toys, laptop, etc.

Size: Size: 18.11" x 13.7" (46 cm x 35 cm) 

Read more about how to personalize this bag under PIMP YOUR BAG.

Hand wash cold and store them flat with bottom folded between uses. Please reuse, Waste reduce!

Happy giving!

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