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At Bag-all we love how a monogram tells someone you have truly been thinking about them and that they are special, the same goes for yourself! Therefore, we offer monograms with almost all of our products. In addition we plant one tree for every monogram you buy, read more about this program below. 

 If monogramming is new to you, we’re here to tell you all about it. Below, we have made a monogram guide where you can find out everything there is to know about this amazing opportunity to personalize your products and gifts.


To order a monogram simply click the Monogram "YES" box, type in your word, pick a font and choose a color. Click "Add to Cart" and you're good to go!
Keep in mind that we will monogram your bag exactly the way you write it in the box, meaning if you want your name with a capital letter: Maria, do not write maria in the box.
We will also monogram the color you choose. So if you choose the black color thread for a black color item, this is how we will do the monogram. Many customers like this look and we think it looks very chic:)
Also, keep in mind that the longer your name is the smaller the letters will be. This is because the monogram can be maximum 3 inches long.
Sometimes, the boxes look different. For example, our blank packing cubes have the option of adding three different monograms – one for each cube. For any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us! We love to talk about monograms and would be happy to fill you in :)

PLEASE NOTE: *Emojis can not be monogrammed*

Our Different font options


Our scripted font 3 is a very popular choice and looks great on our products. With script however, some letters may look different to what you expect, especially when choosing capital letters. On the pictures here you can see how each letter looks, before you make your final decision.

THE BEST PART of bag-all monograms? 


Every time you order a monogram, we plant one tree in areas of deforestation. With some help from our friends over at, we are able to help areas of the world where it’s needed. To follow our tree count go to page Bag-all x the Planet. We’re committed to plant many, many more, with your help! 

When purchasing a monogram for someone else, you’re really giving them two gifts, since you’re giving them the monogrammed product as well as a tree. Together, we can change the world.


Our customers are very creative and get lots of different monograms. Most common is to write one’s first name, nickname, initials, or last name. Sometimes our customers write a description of what they’re storing in the bag, for example: Makeup, Socks, Toiletries, or Outfits. They also write specific dates, such as wedding dates, and quotes. In the picture to the right, we have a three letter initials on top of black Beauty Boxes and the same monograms on our Gingham Packing Cubes. Cute right?!


A monogrammed gift is among the most popular ones for birthdays, weddings, and bridal showers. A classic three-letter monogram is when the first name initial is on the left, the middle name initial is on the right, and the last name initial is in the middle.

If you are ordering initials for a wedding gift, the proper way to do it is to place the husband’s first initial on the left, the wife’s first initial on the right, and their last name initial in the middle. In terms of bridesmaids gifts, many brides got their unique, monogrammed gifts at Bag-all. In the picture to the right, we have an example of how one bride choose to monogram the gifts for her bridesmaids.

what is a monogram?

A monogram is a personalized message or name that you can have stitched onto our products to make them more personal and unique.

When a customer purchases a product, we offer to monogram the item for an additional $15 for initials and $18 for a name. With the option of our many different fonts, colors, and symbols, you can personalize your item so that it matches your unique style and preference. 

If you’re purchasing a gift, a monogram will surely make your gift feel more personal as well.

“My rule is, if it’s not moving... Monogram it!” 



Customizing and personalizing gifts are becoming increasingly popular. People love having their names and initials on their stuff, clothes, and bags. It adds style, a personal touch, and marks ownership of your things. 

Monogramming home accessories such as napkins, towels and bed linen is something that people have been doing for over 2,000 years. In a traditional sense, a monogram is a design that incorporates two or more letters and, most commonly, initials. At Bag-all, we also encourage one-letter monograms, full names, or even short, inspirational quotes.


All our stores are equipped with at least one monogram machine, and a monogram usually takes about 15 min to make, depending on how busy the store is. This means that if you purchase a monogram in our stores, you’ll be able to bring it home the same day! Choose between our many different fonts and colors, write your name down the way you’d like to have it spelled, and voila!
A monogram is in the making. 

If you order your monograms online, the monogram will most likely be finished at once and your products will ship the very same day. In addition to our printed products, we also have many blank products. These are perfect for monogramming since they fit longer words than many of our printed products.

don't forget to share your monograms!

We hope you enjoyed learning some more about monograms and we can’t wait to see your own unique creations. We would absolutely love it if you tag us in your pictures featuring our products (@bag_all & #bagall). We can’t wait to see them! 

Also, feel free to stop by our stores to learn more. You can order your monograms in store or online, and if you have any questions whatsoever, we would be more than happy to help you answer them.
Please email: or and let us know what’s on your mind.


The Bag-all Team