So, you're considering switching to reusable totes and fabric gift bags? We at Bag-all, and the planet, are so excited about that! Our totes are made with sustainability, durability, and versatility in mind – without compromising on style! By using reusable totes instead of plastic, we're helping the planet by cutting back where we can.
Our Gift Bags are the perfect gift wrappers as they fit plenty, save you time, and will make any gift look fabulous! Also, fabric gift bags can be used hundreds of times and reduce unnecessary garbage created by gift wrapping paper.
Did you know that in the US alone, about 30 million trees are cut down per year to create gift wrapping paper? By switching to reusable fabric gift bags, your gifts will look more personal while saving trees! And speaking of trees, add a monogram to your gift bag and we'll plant a tree as well.
When wrapping your gift in a Bag-all Gift Bag, you're really giving two gifts – the present itself and a gift bag that the receiver can reuse for years to come!