From idea to Bag-all part 3

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So today I am going to write about stage 3 in the making of Bag-all.

In July last year I got my first bags from China. As I wrote in From idea to Bag-all part 2, roughly 40% of the bags in that first shipment were not good enough to sell. I then understood I would have to find another factory. So, I had to start the whole process over. Of course this was kind of depressing and the last thing you want to focus on when launching your business. But, I kept on reminding myself that:20140125-114853_grande

In order not to make the same mistake twice I decided to go to China and have a look at the new factory myself. As the factory is kind of remotely located and I would have to travel 3 hours by train from Shanghai I took Micke with me (added bonus, some alone time for us).

This is the view from our hotel room in Shanghai. Really beautiful and scary at the same time as the “fog” is smog and it constantly lays as a lid over this region in China.IMG_4946We found this in our hotel room closet. Kind of exotic hahaIMG_4971More exotic stuff – the food! And, yes, that is a snake in the lower left hand corner. Yum!IMG_4992When we got to the factory we were kind of surprised to learn that the factory was run by three really young guys and was kind of small. Their homepage had painted a different picture. However, that didn’t matter as these guys really want to produce bags in the most eco friendly way possible.

To the left is the boss, his name is Stone.IMG_5009


Here they are producing the Bag-all Graphic Chevron bags.IMG_5006Other colours and patterns.IMG_5003We also went to have a look at the place where the Bag-all Gift Bags are hand printed. All the colours are eco-friendly.IMG_5082The most amazing thing to me was that there was no smell in the place. IMG_5058Here they are printing Ingela P Arrhenius genius design for the Bag-all Children’s Collection.IMG_5074 After hand printing the fabric they hang them up to air dry.IMG_5081We also went to the biggest resource center in the world for any type of product you can image. This is heaven for me as I get really inspired for new bags. Hmmm what string to choose?IMG_5013This trip was a truly wonderful experience and I think it is essential to try to meet the people you are going to be doing business with – both for you and them. So this is a tip to anyone who is thinking of starting their own business – go meet your suppliers if you have the chance. This hopefully eliminates many problems and makes you and your business a top priority for them.


Have a great Sunday people!!

xox Jen

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