I confess – I am not the most organised person in the world, in fact quite the opposite. This obviously is not a good trait as I am constantly looking for things. My family and friends joke about me always looking for my phone and my keys and my wallet… I must have spent years of my life looking for my misplaced stuff.

This was not something I wanted to pass on to my children, I have told them ever since they were little to tidy up their rooms and keep track of their things. But as children do what the parents do and not what they say, unfortunately all three of them have the same problem. And coincidently my husband suffers from the issue as well. So, no one in my house ever knows where anything is.

You can then imagine the problems that occur when ever we are going away somewhere and we need to pack. I can only describe it in one word: madhouse. Everyone running here and there and forgetting half of their things.

However, something good has come out of this: the Travel Collection. I decided to make a range of bags with images of what ever goes inside the bag leaving no room for confusion.

Today I am so proud to introduce a new member of the Travel Collection: the Medical bag!

Medical bag filled


A friend of mine Catarina, who is a nurse, suggested I make a bag with a big red cross on it for medical stuff; bandaids, bandages, medicine… I thought it was a fantastic idea and I made a sample bag with a red cross and showed it at New York Now gift fair in February.


I  posted this image of it on my blog and a reader pointed out in a comment that you are not allowed to use the red cross symbol as it is trademarked by the Red Cross. So I decided to make the bag with a black cross with a red ribbon in stead and I actually think it is much cooler this way. This is the only bag with a ribbon that isn’t black.



Can be purchased in my store above.

xox Jen

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