Now make your own bags!

Now make your own bags!

Some people think that I am committing commercial suicide by making a video showing everyone how to make my fabric gift bags themselves. But, really I don’t care. The reason is that to me it is so much more important that people start thinking “reuse” and using reusable gift wrapping instead of paper than them buying my bags.

So drum-role….

Here is my new video showing all the steps in making a fabric gift bag. In fact it is so easy it only takes about 10 minutes.

If the film doesn’t load you can check it out here:

Video Player


And of course if you don’t have a sewing machine/time/don’t feel like it the bags are always available to shop in my store: Gift Bag Collection

I have started selling the gift bags in 4-packs to make it easier to choose!

Gift bag 4-pack Blue


Gift bag 4-pack grey

We did such a fun shoot yesterday with the girls, the gift bags and this great wall down on Houston Street. I will write more about it later, but here is a sneak peak.

Girls on their way down town.


Emilie Åström (who also made the film above) shooting Celeste and Cappi.IMG_3439

Margaux giving a bag some love!IMG_3438

On the way back uptown we stopped by Union Square where this magnolia tree has started to blossom! Good times!IMG_3405

Tomorrow we are heading to Los Angeles for spring break!

xox Jen

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