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I don’t know what you are like, but me, when I get an idea I want to do it straight away!

I want everything to happen at once and have no patients what so ever. So starting Bag-all has been a real challenge in the sense that nothing is quick when it comes to production. Once I get an idea I first need to create the artwork. Which I often do by hand, as I have shown before on this blog.

These are new patterns for a new range of bags I am making. As you can see I draw straight on to a piece of fabric. I don’t do anything in the computer because I 1. don’t know how to and 2. I like to get a sense of what it looks like – straight away!IMG_7419

Once the creative part is over I need to decide which factory will make the bags. The ones I work with are all good at different things.

I then have to wait for a sample to be made and shipped to me in New York. This feels like an eternity. Of course more often than not something is wrong with it and it needs to be adjusted and a new sample made. At this point two months has passed.

Then it is time for production, an additional two months – an eternity in my perspective.

After that it is time for shipping. All sorts of things can happen when you ship I have learnt. For instance, UPS, can put your boxes in a container at the airport (so you can’t get to them an ship them with a different carrier) and then decide not to put them on a flight for TWO weeks. Essentially my bags were kept hostage at the airport in Hongkong for two weeks. Never mind that you have paid for express delivery.

So, FINALLY, when the boxes are delivered it is pure bliss!

The feeling of seeing something that was just an idea in your head transform into an actual object just is amazing and more gratifying than anything I have ever done before in my life.

Yesterday, the boxes with my new 4-pack where delivered. I wasn’t there to receive them, but luckily Emilie who works with me was there. Unluckily for her she had to carry 8 big boxes up 3 flights of stairs by herself. Last week she and I carried 15 boxes upstairs. Please remind me to get an office on the ground floor next time!

photo-60In the boxes that came in yesterday there were two now products that I am really proud over. My 4-packs Travel bags!


IMG_3643I also have two other 4-packs. You can have a look at them here: Travel 4-packs

This bag bag I have waited for forever and now it is here. I just think it is so cool. It is not up on the site yet, I will let you know when you can buy it.


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