There is just such an abundance in nature right now. Isn’t it just mind-blowing how nature can produce all this loveliness?
Margaux in a Cherry tree
(Can you find Margaux in the picture above?)
Körsbarsblomma fixad
I just think it is so incredible how we all, each spring, get to enjoy this magnificent explosion in nature – for free! We don’t have to do anything – Mother nature delivers year after year! This makes me so incredibly grateful and humble.
Water reserve Central park
There is no way I can ever get used to this, take it for granted or get enough of it. Each spring I get an urge to just sit under a Cherry tree from when it starts blooming until the flowers fall off, not to miss any part of it.
I know we are really lucky to live in New York where the generations before us were kind enough to plant many, many Cherry trees and other kinds of trees that bloom. But even if you live somewhere else you can always observe the richness of nature.
Once you start focusing on how magical nature is it is really hard not to feel grateful.
I first really started thinking about the importance of gratefulness some ten years ago when Oprah (my hero) talked about gratitude on her show. Of course I had felt grateful before that, but I hadn’t focused on it.
By focusing on what you are grateful for you attract more of that, and other positive things, into your life.
Micke and Margaux looking at the boats in Central Park.
The other day Mastin Kipp (I have talked about his blog on this blog before) wrote really well about how easy it is to think negative thoughts. I think we all can relate to it.  The trick is to “capture” and “identify” those negative thoughts as: Aha – that is a negative thought (or attack thought). As once you have done that you can let it go.
I thought Mastins blog was so great I am sharing it below. You can sign up for his newsletter for free on his site. Soo worth while reading those.


If you let it – your negative mind can run you. And, what’s worse – your negative mind can link up with all the other negative minds out there and use them as proof that it’s right.

The negative mind has a purpose – to keep us safe. But, we can spend so much time dwelling on what’s wrong and what’s negative – that we forget all else.

To much safety is bad for the spirit.

All the thoughts of “I’m not good enough” and “I’m wrong or bad” or  “this will never work out“ can overrun us.

Especially when we take risks with things that mean the most to us.

When we get vulnerable and put ourselves out there, boy oh boy, can the negative voices rise up.

It’s almost as if they tend to scream the loudest when you have the most on the line. The more vulnerable, the louder the inner critic and negative voice.

It’s there to keep us alive, but what’s living without being yourself out loud?

One of the hardest things for me to do is to really put myself out there, give something my all and put my whole heart into it and all the while I have these negative voices saying what they say.

And then when I put it out there, even if there is lots of amazing positive response, my negative mind latches onto the negative stuff of some of the few others – and then it screams “See, I told you so!”

But – that is not how we step into greatness. That is not how we make our lives mean something. That is now how we build a life of meaning and service.

I’ve learned it’s about honoring the negative voice and heeding it when you are in mortal danger – but otherwise thanking it and moving along.

Every time I’ve taken a big risk – those negative voices rear their head – but now I just thank them for sharing and move along. And when other people voice to me what my own negative mind says to me, instead of using it as a reason to prove my negativity right, I see it as an opportunity to believe in myself and my mission even more.

It’s hard. But it’s a lesson worth learning.

I agree Mastin. It is a lesson worth learning!
xox Jen

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