Love what people do!

Sometimes I am lucky enough to get to see what happens to my bags. Either people send me images or I see them on Instagram (#bag_all or #bagall if you would like to send a photo of your Bag-all bag) or I actually get to see them in the stores.

Last weekend I visited my friend Anna in Hoboken New Jersey. I knew that Washington General Store that has bought my bags is located there, so we took a walk to go see it. I was so thrilled to see my travel collection in the window of this beautiful store. Isn’t the display just genius!IMG_7330

This is the inside of  Washington General Store.IMG_7331At the show that I just did here in New York two lovely ladies came to my booth. They have a store, Alease Fisher Designs, in Greenwich Connecticut and have bought my Travel Collection. They told me they have monogrammed them for people and that it is a really popular thing. I had never thought of that possibility!

They were kind enough to send me pictures of the bags.

How great and sophisticated is this?!IMG_7379


A store in Sweden, carry my whole collection and always make really innovative displays with the Bag-all bags. Camilla, the owner, sent me this photo of one of their displays.

Pretty isn’t it?!

Stege Casa Rosenhill

I am so excited and grateful to see my bags take on a life of their own in the hands of other people!

xox Jen

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