When you have your own business it can come incredibly handy to have a background as a stylist. As I have done thousands of shoots I can easily put together a photo shoot. It is also very handy to have daughters who can be models and cute friends who take time out of their day to help me.

So yesterday it was Sunday and I figured it was the perfect day to do a shoot in the middle of Amsterdam Avenue as there are fewer cars on the weekend. Caprice is too small to hold the balloons so my pregnant friend Anna who lives a couple of blocks from us was nice enough to come help out. By the way Anna has THE most adorable webshop: photo 2

Practising holding up the balloons. It looks easy but it really isn’t as the slightest wind moves them. I think they did a great job!photo 2

Anna doesn’t want to get run over, but my girls are staying put. Hahaphoto 1

I posted a picture of the shoot on Instagram (by the way if you like to follow me: @bag_all) and some people where commenting on where I get all my ideas?

I think that is a really interesting question as I sometimes wonder myself where all my ideas come from. All I know is that there is a steady flow of ideas coming into my head. It seams to me that the older I get the more ideas I get. Or rather the older I get the better I get at two things:

1. Opening myself up to creative energy. This is hard to explain as I don’t really know how it works, but it is almost the same thing as intuition. Often I don’t exactly THINK about an idea, it is more as if I FEEL the ideas. Suddenly I “know” what I need do… Like go out, buy a bunch of balloons. Have family and friends come out and stand in the street for half an hour and shoot some really cool pictures. Haha

2. Actually turning idea-impulses into reality. When I was younger I had so many ideas but acted on few. These days I make sure to try out my ideas. Nine times of ten they come out pretty great. So if all your ideas don’t turn out the way you planned, don’t be discouraged. Move on to next thing.

All done! Who is that behind the ballons?photo 2

There he is. Greatest hubby helping out as 1

Last week we did this shoot with the new Letter Bags that just has come in the store: I wanted to show that you can spell a name with the letter bags so Margaux and I got up on our roof top and did this shot.

Letter bags Margaux

Our roof top is truly the best back drop possible for photo shoots. When we have guests over for BBQ this always happens:

(LA is actually not for Los Angeles but for Andreas and Linn haha)

photo 4

xox Jen

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