Summer in Sweden

Our summer house in Sweden is literally heaven on Earth for us. The house is not fancy nor big, but to us nothing could be more luxurious! We all become the best versions of ourselves here. I think this might be because of the incredible “energy” in the surroundings.IMG_0825

Right outside our door the most beautiful flowers grow. I am just blown away with the beauty and diversity of nature. It is truly perfection – and for free!


The view from the kitchen window almost looks like a painting.IMG_0827

I think the oak tree that grows beside the house proves that there is something unusual with the energy of this place. Not every acorn becomes a tree of this magnitude. The girls named the tree Albus. Last summer we had this amazing treehouse built for our girls.

They love to have dinner in Albus. See Margaux on the ladder? And the basket on the left? The girls use it as an “elevator” for food.


The girls cousins from Norway came to visit.



Although we are in our country house things have been kind of hectic since we got to Sweden, with practical things that needs sorting, such as renewing Passports etc. Therefore I didn’t have time to go check out my own exhibition at the restaurant Gnesta Strand until the other day.



IMG_0800I felt really proud to see my photos! And the staff told me that people really appreciate the exhibit.

Gnesta Strand is very well worth a visit, with or without my photos. The girls and I had a lovely lunch on the terrass overlooking the lake.


Some view right?!IMG_0803If you ever visit Gnesta you can then go to Klemmingsbergsbadet! AKA Gnestas Bondi Beach!IMG_0805


xox Jen

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