Great Gotland

Cappi went to stay with her godmother in Gotland for a few days.

Gotland is an island off the east coast of Sweden. This island is truly magical in its beauty. There are incredibly cool restaurants and stores all over the island, in the most unexpected places, due to the very creative and artistic inhabitants.

We had dinner at Bungenäs in the north part of the island. Bungenäs used to be a secret military area, where no civilian could visit. These days the area is transformed to a cool restaurant/hotel. Check it out on:

To get to the restaurant you need to park your car in the forrest. There are bikes you can borrow by the parking lot.

This is me and Cappi on one of those bikes.


The restaurant is located right by the water, facing west, so you get to enjoy the sunset while eating.IMG_2505

There are sheep grazing the area and they will come up to the restaurant much to the joy of the children.IMG_2500

And this hugh swing in an old oak tree is another favourite with the kids.IMG_2501

Sun setting!IMG_2502

Then, it’s time to take the bikes back to the cars.IMG_2504

In Rute there is an amazing bakery where they have the B E S T buns in the world and heavenly sourdough bread!20140708-112847-41327104


There is also a great water land: Kneippbyn. Cappi had a blast!IMG_2462

And really great beaches!IMG_2562

Being active all day does make a little girl tired!IMG_2560

So lucky to have friends in beautiful houses in beautiful places!IMG_2573xox



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