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As I work quite hard year around I had decided to really try to relax this summer (hence my absence from this blog). But of course, with my own business, I have had to work 4-5 hours every day. However, this doesn’t really bother me as I can do it mostly from the kitchen couch in my summer house. I feel truly blessed being able to be the boss of my time.

I sit there with my computer and life goes on around me. The girls create stuff. Friends and family come and go.

kitchen small

An interesting thing to see is how incredibly creative we all become when we are relaxing in the summer house.

By chance we found a mannequin for Margaux at an outlet store. This sparked an incredible burst of creativity in her and within a few hours she had created truly great dresses while the rest of the family was watching in awe.

bild 3

This is our old curtain she is wearing.

bild 4And she created a red number. 7

Being an old stylist we of course had to make a fashion shoot out of the event.


bild 83

Celeste took up knitting and is now obsessed.

IMG_4102Some family members came over for a cray fish party (a swedish tradition where you eat cray fish in August wearing hats and bibs). As I had forgotten to buy the hats we decided to make them ourselves.

My brothers hat, which also had a tail in the back!


Celeste and Cappi! Cappi made up her hat all by herself (only help was my brother drawing the crayfish after her instructions).IMG_4241

My sister Antonia made one inspired by a cray fish lantern!IMG_4244

Micke made a I-don’t-know-what-hat.IMG_4243

My mom and her best friend Ebba!IMG_4246


A pretty creative bunch if you ask me!

My “desk” ready for cray fish party! IMG_4214

I will recap the rest of our summer in the coming posts.

Hope all of you had a really great and relaxing summer as well!



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