This blows my mind!

The image below blows my mind!


Why you ask?

Because this is what I see when I look at google analytics and it shows me how many people are reading my blog at that very moment and where they are from (or at least where the computer is located).

Can you believe it?! Israel, Mauritius, Russia, Finland, France, United Arab Emirates, Norway and Sweden. People located all over the world reading my blog at the same time. Is that not the most amazing thing ever?!! Personally – I’m blown away and super über grateful!!

Frankly writing a blog is hard work. First of all I want to write something that might interest my readers as I respect their time and don’t want to waste it with nonsense. Second I need to have images that are show worthy. Once I have the idea and the images it takes time to put it all together and time  is a commodity I don’t have too much of.

With all this being said the reward is SO great that it is worth every effort! I can’t even start to describe the pride and joy I feel when I see the chart above. And also all those wonderful the comments from readers.

I got this beautiful comment yesterday (translated into english).

When I feel a bit low I go to your blog to get a dose of  positivity*. You give me so much hope and inspiration. You are living my dream life. I don’t even understand how to do it, how I could even take a first step. And of course, everything probably isn’t perfect, happy and problem free, but you understand what I mean. I never comment, but now I became  happy all the way into my soul over the “news” (the opening of the Bag-all store), what  a cool thing!! You seem to be a fantastic family and I wish you all the best. It feels like together, yes… together you can accomplish anything! Your knowledge, your amazing talent, your bravery, your view of life – fantastic. I will stop by once I have saved up enough money for a trip to NYC. All love and happiness to you!

* The swedish word she used was “pepp”, but I don’t know of any good translation for this word. 

I always answer every comment as I feel that if people take their precious time to write to me then they should get an answer. And as this comment made me so happy I wanted to respond to it here in the blog.

Thank you so much MLC for being so supportive and loving! It means so much to me to get all this positivity from people as I think that ideas grow stronger and more powerful when more people are supporting it!

I have to be honest with you, I also feel I am living the dream life! It is true that everything isn’t perfect and problem free. But with age I have learnt to look at problems two ways:

1. I love the saying “Problems are not stop signs, but guidelines”. If there is a problem, and there is almost every day – I have to reconsider what I am doing. The problem is there to show me something. Perhaps I need to take a different route than the one I had first decided on.

2. When there is a problem I always ask myself: What is my own part in this? What did I do to make this happen? Not seeing your own part in problems is the worst thing you can do to yourself. If your approach is: “something bad just happened, now who can i blame?” then you won’t learn anything and you can count on seeing that very same problem again very shortly.

So, honestly these days I am grateful even for the problems and therefor I think I live a dream life.

Also, you mentioned that you didn’t know how to take the first step to your dream life. I have only one piece of advice and that is to do somethinganything in the direction you want to go. Small, small steps each day will eventually lead you to where you want to go. Getting paralysed and doing nothing is the worst thing. Your actions don’t have to be big and you don’t have to make big changes immediately. As long as you are doing something, that is good enough.

My husband and I decided we wanted to live in New York 2008. It took us three years to return. That’s not over night. That is over 1000 days.

It is so wonderful that you can be so happy and loving on my family’s behalf and of Bag-all’s next big step with the shop! It makes my heart jump with joy!

Thank you so much MLC for sharing your thoughts! And I truly hope you can come to New York to visit my shop. Let me know when that might be and I will make sure to be there to meet you!

Bag-all family liten 2

Lots of love!


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