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Typically I got sick the past few days. I know I have been working a bit too much lately and a lot of things happened at the same time in a “perfect storm” of sorts. All the things that happened would have been really great if they had happened one at a time, just not at the same time. So, what does my body do when it realises that the mind is on overdrive – it gets sick. It tells me: You need to lay down for a couple of days Missy, whether you like it or not. (And I don’t like it at all – spending my days in bed is not my idea of a good time…)
Anyway it did give me time to catch up on some of my reading. For instance the e-mails from The Daily Love/Mastin Kipp. If you followed my blog for a while you know I think the guy is brilliant.
A couple of week ago he had sent the e-mail below. I am including the whole thing as I think it is so great!
“Comparison is the death of joy.”
- Mark Twain
Plain and simply put – comparison is a dream killer. 

Tony Robbins has famously said that “Success leaves clues” – and while this is beyond true and a strategy I use in my own life to create my dreams – how we view the clues of others success will determine a great deal of our own. 

When someone else is successful – do you celebrate them or do you get jealous? 

Do you spend time comparing yourself to others and finding a bunch of evidence about why you aren’t enough? Do you feel small when others are in their power? Do you make all your best efforts to try to keep up and just end up burned out and depleted? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions – great – because this blog is for you. 

When you compare yourself to others – you miss your unique gift. You also create tension and constriction in your body – that produces stress. From this stressed out place, you tend to take action that disempowers you, rather than action that empowers you. 

You start to become a carbon copy of someone else. You can feel that something is off and so can your friends, family members and clients. 

So – how do you knock off the comparison game and get back on track? 

1. Acknowledge that you’re doing it. 
2. Ask yourself why you feel not good enough. What’s the story behind the comparison? 
3. What’s the feeling that that story creates? Where do you feel that feeling in your body? 
4. When you feel that feeling – what negative behavior did you tend to act on in the past? How has this hurt or negatively impacted your life? 
5. What new empowering belief will you replace “I’m not enough” with? (i.e. I am unique; I focus on serving rather than comparing, etc.). 
6. Based on this new belief – what new action would you take? 
7. How would this new action change your life for the better? 

Comparison can hurt. But don’t fret. There is something unique that have to give to the world. The Uni-verse, God, The Divine – has something special brewing within you. Focus on giving that to the world and not on comparing yourself to others. 

Be grateful for the abundant example others set, but don’t be held back by it. 

Here’s to your greatness, your uniqueness and your ability to bring forward what only you can into this life. 
- Mastin Kipp
Personally I have been on both sides of this. I have spent parts of my life comparing myself to others. First I didn’t understand that that was what I was doing, then I didn’t know how to stop, now I know it only makes me miserable and comparison is a path that leads absolutely nowhere.
So I decided to start focusing on myself and what I could do to perhaps make this world a little better. I stopped putting my attention on what other people are doing. I started to look around to find great examples of people doing well in their lives – and I found them inspirational for my own growth.
Lately I have been on the other side of this where some people seems to be bothered by my business doing well. I understand where they are coming from as I have been in that place myself, but I really wish they would snap out of it and find joy in someone else doing well.
These days with all the social media where people go out of their way to show how much “fun” they are having it is sometimes really hard to not feel excluded or that your own life is way more boring and unglamorous. Personally what I have done is that I don’t follow people who put their social calendar out there. I follow people who inspire me and give me new great ideas.
With all this being said the absolute majority of people are really, truthfully, heartfelt happy for what is going on with Bag-all. I had never dreamt on that people would be so kind and generous with their support! This blows me away and this is what I focus on. It truly gives me energy to try to do more great things!
In Sweden we have this great saying: Shared joy, is double the joy!

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