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One of the best pieces of advice I ever heard was: Do it scared.

This means that even if you feel fear go ahead and do it. Obviously you shouldn’t jump off a cliff, but often times things that are new scares us. And often times it is just those new challenges we need in our life. Doing the “same old” is easy and safe, but it brings us nowhere (unless that “same old” is what you are passionate about and love doing).

One thing that scared me shitless was doing my first trade show. I had signed up for the New York Now show in the early stages of Bag-all. I barely had any bags at that time, but a friend had told me that doing the show was how she launched her brand and that it had gone well.


The show was in the end of August and I spent the whole summer of 2013 worrying about it. I honestly did not know the first thing about creating a booth, how to take an order (not that I really thought I would get any), what to tell the buyers about shipping, minimum order… You name it – I didn’t know it!

However, I had paid for the space and this was a huge motivator as it was really, really expensive. So, I had to face my fears and: Do it scared.

The relief and joy when someone had placed the first order was so great!

Reason I am telling you all this is that yesterday I felt the same way, when these four lovely ladies from Göteborg (Gothenburg) knocked on the door of my store and became Bag-all’s first customers.IMG_6667.JPG

They where just so sweet and positive and instantly gave me great hope for my store!


Gunilla Fabritius on the left has been following my blog and had e-mailed me in advance (please feel free to do so if you would like to meet me in the store: Her friends, Jeanette Wallén, Therese Larsson and Maria Westin where just so lovely! (I know I look pregnant in this picture, but I’m not haha).

Also, I had this little sweet girl with me to the store: Margaux. She insisted on coming with me, although I told her it would be a long day.


Here she is behind the desk helping out.IMG_6662.JPG

I have been lucky enough to find more help from these two lovely girls: Heather (american, but has lived in Sweden, Denmark and Norway and loves all things Scandinavian) and Matilda who is swedish, but has an American father and can therefore work in the US.

I really want the Swedish people coming into the store to feel right at home!


By the way, aren’t they super cute in their Bag-all “uniforms”?

Here are a few more photos of the store. It’s far from done. On Monday we will get the big table that goes in the center of the space. So for now it looks a bit empty and strange, but all that will change over time.




And finally time to give cred where cred is due. Had it not been for my extremely hard working husband, Micke, this could not have happened. He has moved and carried boxes for the past year, first in and out of our house which has many, many steep stairs. Then he has helped out with the renovation of the store. He has torn down walls, bought all the materials, carried them to the store, painted everywhere, cleaned etc and so on.

Here he is the man of the hour: Micke!!IMG_6669.JPG

He worked into the early hours the night before the opening of the store to put the finishing touches. Then he slept just a couple of hours to get on the plane to Sweden. Talk about a hero!!

This is what the store looked like when he was done!


I am just so happy that I actually decided to do this despite me being scared! Meeting the customers in the store yesterday was so rewarding! We had people from Brazil, Australia, Sweden and of course New Yorkers come in. They where so positive, giving me feedback on my brand, saying how much they loved the whole idea and the reuse-thinking. It’s just so great to be able to have a place where I can pass along my ideas and designs to more people IRL!!

I hope to see each and everyone of you in the store! 219 Mott Street, New York, is where it is!



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