Can't believe it!

From this:                                                               To this:IMG_7646Can someone tell me how this is even possible?

Can’t believe my first child, Celeste, turned 14 years old today! I can’t wrap my head around being a mother of a 14-year-old when I often feel like 14 myself. IMG_7651I am so honord to be the mother of my three girls. What a privilege to be with them every day! That is why the fact that Celeste is 14 freaks me out a little – she will soon be off on her own. Good thing I still have some years to mentally prepare myself.

Anyway, birthdays is a big thing for me. Not my own, I really couldn’t care less about mine any more haha. But the girl’s birthdays are very important as I want them to feel incredibly loved and appreciated.

I pride myself in trying to buy the best birthday gifts. They don’t have to be expensive to be good, no, it’s the thought you have put into them that really counts. So, each year at least six months before the girls birthdays I start making lists of things they mention they like or would like to buy. By the way I almost never buy anything for the girls unless it’s a special occasion such as Christmas or birthdays. I think people are so spoilt these days and expect instant gratification. Kids rarely have to long for anything or have to work for anything. All they have to do is point at it and it’s theirs. I don’t think parents are doing their kids any favours by showering them with stuff. Quite the contrary, I believe the best gift is the one you have been longing for or been working hard to get for a long time.

So, Celeste had been wanting a vanity table for the longest time. I totally understand her, as my mom gave me a vanity table that I still use and cherish.

You can see it here in our bedroom in our country house in Sweden.


I didn’t want to give her som crap table that would become garbage in a few year. I searched the internet for a vintage table and finally I found one on in California. It travelled on the Greyhound buss all the way to New York and arrived right on time, the day before her birthday!

It’s an old table with a very swedish look to it.

IMG_7711On top of the table, her gifts wrapped in the Bag-all bags (but of course).

But first some singing, candle blowing, cake eating, hugging in her bed! (I have no idea how the cake could go sooo wrong hihi).


Celeste opening the gifts! All stuff she had wanted for a long time and some things she really needs.IMG_7709

The gift bags we store flat in a drawer between uses. That way they are ready to go for next time (which will be me in eight days –  not that I care haha). Then Christmas, Mickes birthday, Margauxs birthday, Cappis birthday….

Have a wonderful weekend friends!



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