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Some times things take so much longer than you first think – right?

For a quite a while I have had this idea that I wanted to offer my customers monogramming of the Bag-all bags. What could be a better gift then a bag with someones initials? I know I would be over the moon if someone had gotten me something with JJ on it. It would make me feel really special and super happy! In fact I am super happy to have anything personalized and monogrammed.

Monograms mood


So, as usual when I start something I am thinking: how hard can it be? Monogramming must be a piece of cake.

Not so much, it turns out. There are very few places that offer monogramming in New York City and the ones that do are really busy. So I figure, let me just buy a machine and do it myself then. I start looking in to what monogramming machines costs and find out that the professional ones costs $10 000+ Of course I believe in my own idea, but I don’t want to invest over 10K before I know if people are as into this as I am.

I called and e-mailed people and companies all over America to try to find a good solution for monogramming that would suit my customers. Weeks passed, months passed and I got more and more frustrated. If there is something I can’t stand, it is to wait. Especially when I am all fired up about an idea. But there where so many dead ends. Too expensive… Too long wait for my customers… Too hard to embroider on bags that are already sewn (apparently embroidery people prefer to embroider on bags etc that are not already sewn).

In the end I went to a really nice sewing machine store in Long Island and got a smaller machine (that it turns out the same machine that many of the monogramming places in New York use). The ladies in the store showed me how you “hoop” the bags and taught me how to monogram.

Then it took me days and days and many,  many bags to get it right. And finally I know how to do it! I am SOOO happy and pleased with myself. Honestly, I think I would be only half as pleased had I not worked so damn hard to make this work.

So tadaaa, drumroll…:

IMG_1804Monogrammed bags ready to be shipped out to their new owners!

We monogram on most of our bags. You can read about it here: Monograms

Say hello to Lotti people: She is the newest member in the Bag-all team!

IMG_1805Lovely Lotti with a monogramed Tote bag!

I hope you all like this idea as much as me!

xox Jennifer

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