Bye-Bye Stockholm!

We are so incredibly happy – yesterday we solved everything with our visas. After lunch I received an email from the Embassy who were notifying us that our Green Card Visas were done. So I ran to the Embassy to pick up our passports and immediately bought tickets back to New York. The kids don’t have this long of a vacation…they had their vacation last week and they need to get back to school as soon as possible.

The children were with Micke’s mother, Margita, at a theater today. Then we went to Tyresö, where grandmother and grandfather live, and is where the Sweden’s main office of Bag-All is located (in grandmothers work room haha). Without Margita, I don’t think I would have been able to take care o the Swedish part of Bag-All. She packs and sends orders and really keeps everything under control. I don’t know a nicer and more helpful person than her! Margita is really made out of gold. Micke is also increadibly helpsome, and give people rides here and there, help people move, garden, buy things and drag things across the Atlantic for someone or whatever it may be.  Always just as happy, and no complains! I think helpfulness is one of the nicest qualities a person kan have. I am so thankful to have the helpful family Jansch in my life!! Here grandmother is wrapping a present with Bag-All bags with Margaux. IMG_0906

And look what an old-time package she’s wrapped it in!

IMG_0914After that, we went and celebrated with another wonderful person, my mother, who turns 70 march 12th! We aren’t here though, so my mother and her boyfriend Robert (who we forced to put on Margaux’s tiara hehe) took us out for dinner at Le Rouge in Old Town. IMG_0945
Cappi in her new fur coat!

IMG_0894Here my beautiful family walks home along the bridge in Stockholm.

A few weeks ago something fun happened: A woman called me and requested for travel bags to be given in goodie bags for Black Women in Hollywood luncheon (today). Unfortunately I had to turn the offer down because my company was still starting up, and a little to small to give away 300 bags. Then she called back and asked if I wanted to donate 20 bags to VIP goodie bags….and how could I say no! Just the perfect amount. Guess how happy I was today when I saw this. Oprah! I am a BIG fan of Oprah! Every Sunday she sends out much wisedom to the world through her show Super Soul Sunday. I have learned more from Oprah than all my years of school! Just the thought of that she might have my bags in my hand today makes me so incredibly happy and proud!



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