To keep or not to keep? That is the Question!

I received many good questions on the blog yesterday regarding what to do with the reusable bags when you give them away. Does one keep them or does one give them with the gift?
In our family we have a bunch of bags we never give away, but take out when it's someones birthday (in our case, 5 times a year), christmas (last christmas we had 20 bags under the tree), Father's Day, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day or whenever there is a time to give a gift.

Here are the presents we prepared when Celeste turned 13.


And here they are under the Christmas tree (blingblingbling styling by Cappi and Margaux).


One can almost pretend that the bags are like bed covers – one stores the bags in a closet so one does not need to iron them.

It’s also when one uses the bags in a family when one really saves money! Wrapping paper, ribbons, tape, cards, etc., are expensive and this expense adds up over the years to an amount one does not want to think about. And think of all the excessive trash!! Check out this statistic about how much wrapping paper is used annually in the USA.


The thing about wrapping presents is that it is totally unnecessary. Of course there are some types of wrapping that is necessary like for food for example. However, wrapping for presents is completely unnecessary. We can live without it – easily.

A lot of people say, what about the kids…aren’t they disappointed to not rip up a package?? The answer is No!! My kids are precisely as happy when they see the bags because then they know presents are soon to come. So happy! Haha.


So in a family one can save the bags. But what about when you give a present to someone not in the family? In Japan there is already the Furoshiki tradition where they wrap the presents in beautiful, and often, expensive fabric. When one has opened the present the receiver gives back the fabric from the giver. Problem solved!! 20140112-215501.jpgHowever we don’t live in Japan, so the tradition does not exist in this part of the world. So either 1: decide together if one should give the presents back and forth (siblings, close friends, etc.) or 2: Give away the bag (birthday parties, friends, etc.). I usually give away the bag. One bag with many bags in it! Here is some information about Bag-All and the general concept.20140112-221956.jpgFeel free to follow me on instagram: bag_all

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