Happy Birthday!


Today is Micke's Birthday!! 48!!

Since our family prefers to put as little effort into cooking as possible, we make it easy for ourselves when there is a birthday in the house. In Sweden we used to buy fresh spongecake and make a cake of it. Here in New York, not as easy to find spongecake, so we buy muffins. One banana walnut muffin, and one chocolate. These we cut in half, and add on bananas.

Then another layer...

Then we cover it in freshly whipped cream! Done!
Of course we wrap the presents in Bag-all bags and it only takes a second!


And then birthday song, cake, coffee and kisses in bed!

The girls didn't have school today since it is Martin Luther King day. So celeste and I went jogging in Central Park around Jackie Onassis Water Reserv. A walk around this is a hot New York tip for those who visit. A magnific view!

Towards the evening we had planned to go to a restraunt to celebrate, but we all felt a little lazy so we decided to spend time at our new hobby: puzzles. I don't know what it is, but the whole family has become obsessed with it. 500 pieces in one evening.


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