There's a lot of people that wonder what the story behind the names of my girls is: Celeste, Margaux and Caprice (aka Cappi), therefore I'm going to tell you how they got their names. Names have always fascinated me. When I was a kid in the 70's, it was unique to have the name Jennifer, and I was quite satisfied with having an uncommon name. Never did I have to present myself with a last name since it was only me who was named Jennifer. Boy did I get a shock when I started my studies at New York School for Interior Design in the 90's and realized that there were five Jennifers in my class (Jennifer and Michael were always the most common names in the US then haha). Anyways, I think I've always wanted to give my children uncommon names because of my own experience as a kid.

So when I was expecting my first kid and found out it was a girl, it was already a done deal: Celeste was going to be her name, after my friend Celeste Lee in New York (I've mentioned her in some earlier posts in the blog). Micke suggested Lina or Lena, but that did not exist in my world since I strongly felt that an uncommon name is good to have.
So this little munchkin was named Celeste Gunnel Ragnhild (Celeste is going to kill me when she see's this post - she really doesn't like her middle names that come from my grandmother and Micke's mother.)

And then we were expecting child number two, who also was going to be a girl. This time it was a bit trickier since my name of choice was already taken. So we wrote long lists. And in the end, there was only one name left on the list: Margaux. This is a bit embarrassing, but the name comes from my favorite clothing store in Stockholm during my childhood: Margo. It was Margo Fallai's super-glam little boutique on Drottninggatan, where my mother would sometimes allow me to join her when she went shopping. Perhaps this fact has rubbed off on Margaux, who is the glamourqueen in the family. 
Here she is on a regular Sunday morning, watching TV in a fur coat and gloves. Totally normal...

Margaux Anna Ulrika Clementine (the name Celementine she has added completely on her own).

And of course, just as I'm writing this Margaux comes with her friend from my closet upstairs. This is what I call Glamorous Monday!

So when it was time for daughter number three, you can imagine the creative fantasies over names was really over! At first we actually named her Hermine because we thought it went well with the other girls' names. But when we lived in New York for half a year in 2008, we realized Hermine didn't really work as well in English as it does in Swedish and French. So after eight months, we decided to change her name. Caprice comes from an old cat we had named Capri, and also the island Capri.

Caprice means someone who moves and changes very fast "As in a lighting from a blue sky". Couldn't fit her personality any better!

Her name is Caprice Alba (after a clock that hung in my room at the hospital she was born in) Bridget (after a super cool old British lady.)
This old man is named Ping after a golf club. (Micke got to decide this one!)

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